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UPDATE 2/16/14: New Working Download Link

Type of Game: Kinetic Novel
Runtime: ~40 Minutes
Download: Sendspace (68mb)

A kinetic novel reimagining of the classic fairytale Rapunzel.

See through the eyes of the girl in the tower, the prince who finds her and the witch who had stolen her away as the story unfolds, very close to the original versions, but unique unto itself.

Rapunzel is Happy Backward's (The visual novel group that is bringing you RockRobin) first finished game. We spent every moment we could almost up to the last minute trying to perfect this kinetic novel in art, GUI, writing and sound/music/expression directing. We hope you enjoy our NaNoRenO offering, and we're very glad to have participated

Game Features:
800x600 Resolution
Ren'Py Engine
Kinetic Novel (No choices)



Character Art

GUI, Scripting, Sound
Type of Game: Management Sim (GxB)
Official Website:

The story is about a not-so-sweet rocker girl, named Robin, who is kicked out of the band she helped start at the beginning of the game. Bitter, she vows to make her own band and surpass them. Things get more complicated when she's forced to travel to her past life to do it.

Game Features:
:bulletblue: 3+ GxB Romances
:bulletblue: Original Character Art
:bulletblue: Customize Your Band
:bulletblue: Unlockable Open-Play Mode
:bulletblue: 800x600 Resolution
:bulletblue: Ren'Py Engine

Set up that you create your own band by choosing your genre, name, and logo. You give your band members tasks to practice in the week, raising 3 stats and generating stress: Music, Writing, and Star Quality. You play gigs to earn Popularity (quality is based off the stats that you raised and a short mini-game), which is the goal of the game: to get really popular.

The game is split into two modes: Story Mode and Open-Ended Mode. During Story Mode, you will have 3 non-adjustable band members. After the story ends, you can form any kind of band you want and recruit who you wish. This limitation is to ensure a high-quality experience rather than spreading the characterization too thin over many characters. The number of recruitable characters and achievable romances is undetermined at the moment, but all 3 starter band members should have the romance option.

:music: CREDITS :music:

:iconlorey: Lorey

:iconmaselphie: Aleema

:iconlin-west: LinWest

:iconmangakaluna: mangakaluna

:iconkikuhito: Starling (Artist)
:iconchansel: Chansel (Colorist)

:iconserenity-blue: Serenity Frost
:iconchansel: Chansel
:iconsake-bento: sake-bento
:iconvenus-eclipse: VenusRose
:iconkikuhito: Starling
L.D. Cooke

:iconchansel: Chansel
A fantasy RPG/visual novel.

Project Webste:

Story: Based in an original fantasy world (, this is the story of how one woman changed the entire nation of Edernim. "Seraphine" was the name of a legendary child who held a unique ability to destroy demon-like creatures. However, she disappeared suddenly in her childhood. Since she was the last hope for the land, it quickly began to fall into ruin. The game tells the tale of the party that was formed to call the legendary Seraphe again, and the romance in between.

- Female lead, 3+ romancable characters; a game for the ladies~!
- Full, Immersive Soundscapes
- Unique RPG Battle System
- 8+ Recruitable Characters
- Multiple Endings
- RenPy Game Engine (…)

Characters: Players can expect to play as the woman named Ere. She is a hopeless helper at her local inn, and is a social outcast because people consider her mentally ill. She meets several characters, beginning with Basil, a very proud, but very exiled nobelman, and Lander, his sea-faring friend, who is more a gentleman than he appears. The rest are for you to discover! Everyone in this world has a secret it seems. Can you reveal them all?

Writer, Programmer, Colorist: Aleema :iconmaselphie:
Character Sprite Artist: StriderDen :iconstriderden:

*no artist positions open at this time*


Additional Artwork (Commissioned):

Character Portraits by ~AngelofDeathz :iconangelofdeathz:
Seraphine:…, Basil:…

Watercolor by ~LannySu :iconlannysu:

Couple portraits by ~breisa :iconbreisa:

Character illustrations by *blewh :iconblewh:
A "visual novel" game.
Official Website:

Story: "By The Lake" is a story of two people who have absolutely no means of communication, even though they are right in front of each other. Bradley Sasaki is an proud American woman of 25 years without a penny to her name. You wouldn't know that by looking at her, however. She discovers that she is to inherit a furnished estate from her late father. But it is in Japan, her father's native country. She receives a phone call from relatives she has not heard from in 15 years. They talk her into physically coming to Japan, despite her wishes not to. With an eviction notice from her landlord, she has little choice but to accept their generous offer. This "estate" however, is far from what Bradley could have ever imagined. It is an untamed forest, mostly occupied by a large lake. And the fully furnished house? A barely-livable shack, heavy with years of neglect. Bradley is set in her decision of selling the property ... But that was before she found him ... Brought down to our most basic instincts of human interaction, how will Bradley react to a mysterious man found living on her property? And why are her estranged relatives suddenly very close to her?

Premise: A youthful but fully grown man is discovered living on the inherited estate. Not only can't they speak, write, or sign the same language, but the man is also found to be deaf. The player must make choices on their daily life as Bradley, and how far they will go to attempt communication with the man. Various relationships can be built from interacting with him, which can lead to multiple endings.

Just a little warning, the game is recommended for ages 16 and older. The game may become ecchi at the discretion of the player.

*positions filled, not seeking artists*

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